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Demo 2 - Zoom Slider with Ken Burns effect

Ken Burns effect

The Zoom Slider gives a Ken Burns transition effect. Non jQuery, non flash. Sleek and Smooth.

beforeSlideChange event handler

The Zoom Slider has a built-in beforeSlideChange event handler available for developers to perform extra tasks when needed. The handler function has two passed-in arguments: args[0] - next slide index, args[1] - next caption.

Event Log:

The following is the beforeSlideChange code used in this demo:

<span id="status"></span> <script type="text/javascript"> var theStatus = document.getElementById("status"); function beforeSlideChange(args) { //args[0] - next slide index, args[1] - next slide caption theStatus.innerHTML = 'slide ' + (parseInt(args[0]) + 1) + ': ' + args[1]; } </script>