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Note: The menu item that matches current url will be highlighted. If current url is a pure domain without any specific page name, e.g. http://www.(your domain).com, the first menu item will be highlighted. If that is not what you expected, you can:
  • Option 1: If the pure domain should match another menu item other than the first one, you can add maptopuredomain="true" attribute to that item. i.e.:
    <li><a href="?menu=1&skin=1&p=5" maptopuredomain="true">Milo</a></li>
  • Option 2: If none of the menu items should be matched to the pure domain, you can add maptopuredomain="false" attribute to the first item:
    <li><a href="?menu=1&skin=1&p=1" maptopuredomain="false">Home</a></li>