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Make the image slider can slide any HTML content

I really like your image slider software. My questions are:

- Can I use the image slider to create all 8 demos that you have on the page with the purchase of one license?
- How difficult it is to increase the size of the images or colors of the slideshow?
- Can I make the content clickable? Meaning, when they click on the thumbnail and then on the picture or a text that I added, can it go to a website link?

thank you.
Carlos  11 years ago   viewed: 12850    

2 Answers


I found the one that I need: Menucool responsive content slider


Carlos   8 years ago
Hi Carlos,

1. With one slider license, you can use any or all of our sliders(including zoom slider, jquery slider, etc). Of course they must under the one domain name that the license is for.

2. For JavaScript Image Slider, the slider must be set to the same size as the images and the image size cannot be scaled through CSS. The images have to be scaled through the graphic design work. If you really like them to be resized through CSS, you should use our jQuery Slider instead.

3. For clickable content, it has to be written into the captions for the JavaScript Image Slider, because JS image slider only allows images as the slides. If you want the slider can slide any HTML content, please use our jQuery Slider (see its Content Slider).
milo   11 years ago


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