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Demo 2 jquery - thumbnail slider does not displays main image properly in Firefox browser


Demo 2 (jquery - thumbnail slider) does not displays main image properly in Firefox browser although same works fine in IE or Chrome. Can we fix this for Firefox browser?

Ajay  8 years ago   viewed: 6411    

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It seems the Firefox does not allow the perspective and rotateY to come together for the transform property of the selector #thumbnail-slider .active .thumb. So you can make the following modification to the thumbnail-slider.css, and it will start working with the Firefox browser:

/*-- Start 3D --*/ #thumbnail-slider .thumb { -webkit-transform: perspective(500px) translateX(1px) translateZ(-30px) rotateY(30deg); transform: perspective(500px) translateX(1px) translateZ(-30px) rotateY(30deg); } #thumbnail-slider .active .thumb { -webkit-transform: translateX(0px) translateZ(0px) rotateY(0deg); transform: translateX(0px) translateZ(0px) rotateY(0deg); } #thumbnail-slider li.active ~ li .thumb { -webkit-transform: perspective(500px) translateX(-1px) translateZ(-30px) rotateY(-30deg); transform: perspective(500px) translateX(-1px) translateZ(-30px) rotateY(-30deg); } /*-- End 3D --*/
Milo   8 years ago


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