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Separate Nav Bar with Tabs


Hello, so i want to either do a separate html nav bar linking to the tabbed content which i can't get to work even with all my html experience or do a separate tab menu at page bottom which works having changed var parameter in js file (and css) but the top tabs and bottom tabs do not SYNC with A:Visited and nav bar shows different A:Visited. Any Suggestions? I'm not sure the license mode even does this after all the investigating.

Brooks  8 years ago   viewed: 5518    

2 Answers


Not 100% sure what you want. 

But maybe you can create a separate set of bookmark links: that can be used for the tabs navigation.

Milan   8 years ago

Thanks for reply Milan!

So maybe to better explain is that i want a regular html Nav Bar (or separate tabbed nav bar to main tabbed nav bar) to work at page bottom. But when i click on the one at bottom the tabbed one at top gets remembered and the bottom click goes to its content but the top click is still remembered even after bottom is clicked. I did a a temporary fix by not having my A:Link remebered with background color (tab change color) and just had the css revert to the set mouseover color. But i really wanted to orientate users to the tabbed content they were viewing at the time they are viewing it. Switching between separate tab sets does not fix this nor regular html, it is in the js somewhere. As mentioned, still not sure licensed version can do this, as to having the separate tab nav bars working simultaneously to each other.

Appreciate your kind time into checking this out.

Brooks   8 years ago


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