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YouTube Video Slider not working under HTTPS domains SSL



I bought the image slider, I embedded a YouTube video to the slider and test my page in HTTPS, unfortunately the YouTube video is not playing.

I try it on normal website (HTTP) and it worked perfect.

Please advise

POWER  8 years ago   viewed: 9158    

3 Answers


Would you try the following:

Open the mcVideoPlugin.js with Notepad, search for:

Then replace the http with https.

Let me know if it works. Thanks!

Milo   8 years ago

Today I have updated the mcVideoPlugin.js that will let YouTube API knows your URL protocol. So you don't need to manually change the http or https anymore as proposed by my post above.

Any users who are using the updated version of the mcVideoPlugin.js will not have this issue anymore.

Milo   8 years ago

Thanks Milo , it worked PERFECT on my website.

  8 years ago


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