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javascript-tooltip bug with svg in Firefox



I want to figure out an issue of javascript-tooltip with SVG in firefox. I wanted to use this plugin to show tooltip on an svg map. It works perfectly fine in Chrome but not in Firefox. Please check the following URL, . I have used one of your own demo html files with an svg map added. Tooltip works fine with other HTML elements but not with SVG elements in Firefox. In chrome both works fine. Any help to solve this issue is highly appreciated.

Rajesh PR  8 years ago   viewed: 3161    

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Have no idea why. Did you get some hints from Using the javascript tooltip on an area element in an image map ?

Milo   8 years ago

:) Thank you for your support and it worked just fine in FF too. I changed ' relativeTo: "element" to relativeTo: "mouse" ' and it helped. But unfortunately it then created some issues in mobile devices (When I checked in my Android Chrome browser) as pop over is not positioned correctly and sometimes it fails to show up. I have updated the above mentioned URL and somebody please check and inform if you experience the same.

Hi Milo, this is a great plugin and I would really like to use it because its very easy and flexible to update the contents in the tooltip. And normally it works fine in mobile devices too. If you can clear these issues make it perfect for SVGs also, it will be a great and definitely we can use it for similar projects without any trouble. Looking forward to hear from you...


Rajesh PR   8 years ago


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