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Cant close tooltip on mobile device


I love your tool tip, but I notice that when I am on my iPhone, the tooltip pops up when I click on it, but there is no way to make it disappear again. I've tried clicking on the background, clicking on the tool tip, etc. The only thing that seems to work is refreshing the page. Is there a way to make it go away by clicking on the page (preferred method), or to add a close button, or to make it disappear after a certain amount of time?

I haven't implemented this in my website yet ... I just noticed that this was the default behavior on your site.

Kathy  9 years ago   viewed: 6906    

2 Answers


These people have the worst customer service I have EVER seen, including MoviePass.  Pathetic.

Dave   5 years ago

In that case use JavaScript Tooltip

Milo   9 years ago


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