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Incorrect mcTooltip Height


When you first load this page (delete all temp files and images), some of the tool tip images are not loaded properly (

When you hover over the small image, a large image should open via the tooltip. This works fine on most cases, but on certain cases, the images in the tooltip does not show in the proper size as we're getting the incorrect height for the wrapper "mcTooltip". The height is usually 40 px.

Nick  8 years ago   viewed: 2820    

1 Answer


If your images are not loaded fast enough, you are recommended to tell the browser about the image sizes by the inline style settings. For example, instead of:

<img src="imgs/1.jpg" alt="abc" />

You should:

<img src="imgs/1.jpg" alt="abc" style="width:500px; height:200px;" />

Milo   8 years ago


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