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I would like to hide an element when the color picker pallette has loaded?


Hi, there is a delay as it draws the palette icon and I want to put a 'loader' gif there to show the visitor that something is happening. I can't find in your code where I would add the code to 'hide' the loader. i.e. the part in your code that executes when the pallette icon is fully drawn and displayed.

I wondered if you could point me in the right direction?

Thanks for a great bit of code. Your hard work is much appreciated.


John :-)

John  9 years ago   viewed: 8261    

5 Answers


Regretfully the color picker does not have the loaded event handler.

[Admin: Now the color picker has the loaded event handler.]

Milo   9 years ago

Hi Milo, a big thank you for getting back to me. Not to worry. Do you have the 'un-minified' version of the code available on your site at all? I'll have a look at implementing something. Thanks again for your help. :-)

John   9 years ago

We've just updated the color picker  with the following improvements:

  1. The color picker will be initiated onDomReady instead of onload, so that the color picker will be available at a earlier phase without waiting for all page elements to be completely loaded.
  2. We added onColorPickerLoaded event handler as you required. But after the above onDomReady update, it seems not necessary any more. 

Please download and use the latest code

Milo   9 years ago
My word Milo!!! That was quick!! Excellent work!! Will download now.

Many thanks :-)

John   9 years ago

Just tested it out and it's now working a treat! Thanks once again :-)

John   9 years ago


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