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How to set the license when my site has multiple domain names?

My website has multiple domain names pointing the same site. I know the license keys will be different for each domain. How do I set the license keys to the single accordionmenu.js file?
Stephen  9 years ago   viewed: 7884    

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Suppose you have three domains pointing to the same website:, and If and will be redirected to, then you only need to purchase a license for Otherwise you have to purchase multiple licenses for each domain (suppose the acquired licenses are lic1, lic2 and lic3 respectively). Then you can open the accordionmenu.js file with Notepad, and insert the following script(in green color) between the var amenuOptions={...} and the var amenu =...  :

var amenuOptions = { menuId: "acdnmenu", linkIdToMenuHtml: null, expand: "single", license: "lic1" }; if(document.domain.indexOf("")!=-1) amenuOptions.license = "lic2"; else if (document.domain.indexOf("")!=-1) amenuOptions.license = "lic3"; var amenu = new McAcdnMenu(amenuOptions);

Note: Above and must be in lower case.

Milo   9 years ago


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