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control image change from external link?

Hi, I want to make the image slide to be controled from OUT of the slider, by a custom set of links...
I don�t know if I'm clear enough about the idea, but let's say I have 3 text links im my page (totally out of the slider) like: link01, link02, link03, and want the slider to respond to this links showing "image01.jpg", "image02.jpg" and "image03.jpg"...  how the link to each image should be?

I have tryed to move the "bullets nav", out of the slider... but it�s not exactly what I need.
I expect to get a totally external control of the slides. i�ts possible??

thanks in advance!
Speedbit  10 years ago   viewed: 3017    

4 Answers

Thank you Milo... in fact, this does what I�m asking for.
but... it forces the browser to reload the page and I don�t want this.
Could it be solved in another, more "elegant" way??

Thank you, again!

  10 years ago
The thread does not contain the code that forces the page reload. Maybe you mean you have to redirect the page to the one with a query string idx that causes the page reload.

If you don't like the redirection of the page, you can add the following script to the end of your page(just before the </body>):
<script>imageSlider.displaySlide(indx, true, true);</script>

I didn't test it. If it doesn't work, you can try:

<script> setTimeout(function(){imageSlider.displaySlide(indx, true, true);}, 100); </script>
Milo   10 years ago
Dear Milo, Since my knowledge it�s too limited I guess it�s just because this, I could not get it working in the desired way by any of the options you gave me.
Anyway, I finally get it just by fightning with CSS and doing some tweaks and tricks (may be not in a "politically correct" way for de W3C! jejejeje)

The way I found, was by moving and rezising the "NavBulletWrapper" outside of the slider (negative top and left) and making it matches (and overlying) the position of another DIV, on wich I have the text reference I want for each slide...

At first, I wonder if in some way I could be violating the license of the code you provide, but tweaking this...
Furthermore, I would like to say THANK YOU for the precious time and pattience you bring and the quality of your work!

Thank you very much.
  10 years ago


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