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Effect transition when starting

I would like my slider to start with an effect transition and then display as normal.
I find it stange to start with an unanimated picture.
Thanks for your help.
Madolian  10 years ago   viewed: 2963    

6 Answers

You can configure your slider the starting slide not to be the first one, such as:
var sliderOptions = { sliderId: "slider", startSlide: 4, ... }

Then at the end of your page, add this script:
Milo   10 years ago
Thanks Milo.
But it doesn't work as wished.
I'm using demo1 with 4 pictures.
Just to be sure...
I added the var sliderOptions in the js-image-slider.css (anywhere)
and the <script> the Body of my HTML page? If so.. it soesn't work.
Madolian   10 years ago
Then set {... startSlide: 3, ...} as 4 is the fifth slide that is beyond the limit.
Milo   10 years ago
I'm Sorry Milo
but it doesn't work.
It only moves my last picture in the first bullet.... and the same for the following. It as moved forward all the pictures without any transition for the first one... :(
Madolian   10 years ago
You are right Madolian. It doesn't work.

It seems the only solution is just adding the following script to the page:
<script> setTimeout(function () { imageSlider.displaySlide(1); }, 100); </script>

This a a dirty solution as it will immediately navigate away from the first slide. Seems there is no other choices.
Milo   10 years ago
It goes fine for me :)
Thanks for your help
Madolian   10 years ago


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