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Can I use tooltip on a image ?

How do I use tooltip on an image, in order to open a message box that pops up in the center of the screen ? Thanks!
Jak  10 years ago   viewed: 3198    

3 Answers

Set {position: 1} to make the tooltip stays in the center of the screen, as illustrated on page (The section of "Tooltip Options" and "Override Global Options").

For example, if the center-position is only for a specific image and you don't want to change the global tooltip options, you can:
<img src="..." onmouseover="tooltip.pop(this, '#tip3', {position:4})" />
Milo   10 years ago
Thanks for the info Milo. I have another question: Can I use an image  for the CSS3 tooltip ? I want to hower on an image in order to show a message box with text. Thanks!
Jak   10 years ago
Yes you can. From Menucool's CSS3 tooltip demo page you can see when you hover on the gift image you can open a tooltip.
Milo   10 years ago


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