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why ddmenu cant run normally under windows xp ie browser?

After i pay for the ddmenu licence my website http://www.coffeecenter.com.tw still can not work normally with windows xp ie browser, but works fine with other browsers.  i use the latest version v.2014.2.4 and my website runs under asp, pls help me , thank you
Jake Wu  10 years ago   viewed: 7148    

4 Answers

Maybe your IE browser has been configured to disable running JavaScript?
Milo   10 years ago
my ie browser is version 8, and i am sure that i enable all javascript  funtion, all my friends' windows xp with ie (old version) show the same situation like mine. Don't tell me your ie 8 version is different frome mine and yours shows normally..Haha~
basically the homepage use many javascript still not work fine with winxp ie browser, would you be kind to help me pls, thank you so much.
Jake Wu
  10 years ago
As all demos in www.menucool.com are working in IE 7 & IE 8, you can copy and use Menucool's demo code from scratch. In this way you will avoid some mistakes.
Milo   10 years ago
I can assure you it does work with IE7 and IE8 as I am running several instances of it (3 domains, 2 completely different menus).
Rick Steinwand   10 years ago


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