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jQuery Slider cant show when content reload

jQuery Slider  doesn't show when I dynamically reload the content.
I'm using javascript to fill the <div id="mcts1"> </div>  with some images,first time it came out correctly but when reload it shows nothing.
kn  10 years ago   viewed: 14006    

2 Answers

Since jQuery Slider v2014.1.4, you can build or update the slider at any time by calling the built-in reload function. For example:
<script> document.getElementById("mcts1").innerHTML = '<div class="class1">This is the first slide</div>' + '<img src="images/thumbnail-slider-1.jpg" /><img src="images/thumbnail-slider-2.jpg" /><img src="images/thumbnail-slider-3.jpg" />' + '<img src="images/thumbnail-slider-4.jpg" /><img src="images/thumbnail-slider-5.jpg" /><img src="images/thumbnail-slider-6.jpg" />'; thumbnailSlider.reload(); } </script>

Another example: http://www.menucool.com/1987/Dynamically-modify-the-jQuery-Slider

  10 years ago
Unlike javascript image slider, the jQuery Slider does not have the reload function.
Milo   10 years ago


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