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Can all sub-menus have the same width as the page. Like on http://www.menucool.com ?? And all content centered. 

Chris  9 years ago   viewed: 7528    

3 Answers


Since v2014.11.20, it has a much easier solution. You just need to add class="full-width" to the li element.

Milo   9 years ago

Yes, you can make all sub-menus have the same width as the page and center the content. To achieve this, you'll need to use HTML and CSS to style your menu. 

concrete companies hamilton
  8 months ago

Yes you can.

The CSS file is here: http://menucool.com/Content/ddmenuMst.css (Note: you may need to replace all #ddmenuMst to #ddmenu.


For more detailed information, please read http://menucool.com/2368/How-to-make-full-width-sub-menu

Milo   9 years ago


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