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Formatting tabs

Hi there,

What would be the best way to complete the following?

1) Separate the tab text onto two lines
(i.e. Suppose I want the tabs to read "Features", "How (line break) to Use",  and "Source (line break) Code")

2) Give the tabs the same width and make them an equal distance apart.
(i.e. One tab would be at the very left, one in the middle, and one at the very right.)

Thanks for creating this great resource.

Peter  10 years ago   viewed: 4010    

3 Answers

Recently I had similar requirement and found it is purely the CSS work. 
Maybe this post is useful (I don't understand some of its settings though):
Graham   10 years ago

In PowerPoint, there are several ways to arrange items so that they are equally spaced away. These elements could be text boxes, placeholders, shapes, or images.

  one year ago

Can you talk more about its features in the new version?


Graciela Turcot
  one year ago


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