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SEO - How to make Tooltip search engine friendly


I find Menucool tooltip widget is very easy to use. I can easily write the tooltip content into the target element's onmouseover event:  

onmouseover="tooltip.pop(this, 'Hi there')"

But I have a concern from the SEO perspective. I want the tooltip content to be indexed by the search bots either. How can I achieve that?

Patrick  10 years ago   viewed: 14543    

2 Answers


There are three ways to open a tooltip. You can see them under the "How to use" tab on page Javascript tooltip.

To make the tooltip search engine friendly, you need to take the second or third approach.

Using the second apporach:

tooltip.pop(targetElement, '#contentElementId' [, options])

As the content is contained within the id="contentElementId" element, the content will be crawled and indexed by search bot such as Goolge, Bing.

Using the third approach:
tooltip.ajax(targetElement, url[, ajaxSettings][, options])

For example:
<a class="tooltip" href="tooltip/src/tooltip-ajax.html" onmouseover="tooltip.ajax(this, 'tooltip/src/tooltip-ajax.html#div2');" onclick="return false;">triggered by Hijax link</a>

Jethro   10 years ago

nice post adn very much informative, it really helps

Arenash   3 years ago


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