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Wrapping text on menu button


Hello - I have a larger than normal text string to put on some buttons, and I'd like to know how to make the text wrap-around instead of displaying straight across.  When it displays straight across it goes off the right side of the button and looks bad.  Thanks.

Suzanne G  10 years ago   viewed: 7922    

3 Answers

If you are using the Bubble menu or Float Line menu, you can styled the <li> element with a fixed width that leaves no enough space for displaying the text in a single line. For example:
<li style="width:120px;"><a ...>...</a></li>
Vica   10 years ago
I am using the horizontal menu.  Should it work for that?
Suzanne G
  10 years ago
Maybe you can do something like below for the horizontal menu:
<a href="..."><span style="display:inline-block;*display:inline;width:120px;">This is a long text! text!</a></a>

The *display:inline; is just for old IEs. Please try it out.(I didn't test it)
Vica   10 years ago


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