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Stopping sub menus opening

Hi there
I've set up a menu here:

The menu worked perfectly but as you'll see I've now added in a link from the Replica Owl & Falcon Decoys item to the actual page so now the submenu opens up when I click on other menus such as in the artificial breeding facilities page. How can I stop the Replica Owl menu opening up when pages that aren't within the submenu are opened as in the URL posted?

I've tried using"Lixx", false);

and other combinations of code shown in the set up guide but I think I'm missing something. Can you help? Will I need to give each submenu of the pigeon control product reviews its own unique Li?

Ali  11 years ago   viewed: 9687    

1 Answer

The accordion menu will open the submenu if its header is a link instead of plain text. It is designed to be like that as otherwise the submenu has no way to show up (when the link is clicked it will navigate to a new page instead of expanding the submenu).
Milo   11 years ago


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