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2 sub menu links on same line

Having two sub menu links on the same line, I've seen this answered but I can't find it again.
Larry Molineux  10 years ago   viewed: 11021    

1 Answer

Look at the sub menu items demo 1, demo 2, ect in the top menu of this website, they are in the same line.

Check out its HTML code, you will see:
<div class="inline">
    <a href="/slider/javascript-image-slider-demo1">Demo 1</a> &nbsp;
    <a href="/slider/javascript-image-slider-demo2">Demo 2</a> &nbsp;
    <a href="/slider/javascript-image-slider-demo3">Demo 3</a>

And check out its CSS code, you will see:

/* Allow inline links
#ddmenuMst div.column div.inline
   padding:0; margin:0;

#ddmenuMst div.column div.inline a

Milo   10 years ago


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