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How  I can move the position of tooltip on the top of element?
Right now, when I'll scroll the page the tooltip over on element


Galia  11 years ago   viewed: 16935    

2 Answers

It is caused by the default behavior that if there is no enough space to show the tooltip, the tooltip will adjust its position to make it always viewable. Sometimes it will over an element that you want to access, just like your case.

We are going to release a new version of the Tooltip that is equipped with a new option, smartPosition, that you can set to false to disable the "smart" re-positioning.
  11 years ago

The following options can be used to adjust the tooltip popup position:

var tooltipOptions= { ... ... relativeTo: "element", position: 1, smartPosition: true, offsetX: 0, offsetY: 0, .... .... }

If you only want a certain tooltip to have that specific position, you should read the "Override Global Options" section under the "How to use" tab on page

milo   11 years ago


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