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Centering navbullets


I recently purchased the content slider, but have a problem.
I see that the bullets have a width that you have to put in your css and then manually center them with left:?px
Is there a way to center the bullets dynamicly so that they remain center if more slides are added?

Thx for a fast reply :)

Jochendude  11 years ago   viewed: 9270    

2 Answers

You can try updating the .navBullets in the slider.css:
#mcts1 .navBullets { position:relative; width:80px;/*adjust to fit and no wrap*/ left:auto; margin:0 auto; ... ... }

If your bullets number is dynamic, the #mcts1 .navBullets a { float:left;} may need to change to float:none. 
The thread http://www.menucool.com/2105/Automatically-center-the-bullets-as-slides-are-added may give you some hints (note that thread is for JavaScript Image Slider, not for jQuery Slider).

  11 years ago
Thanks i got it to work.

#mcts1 .navBullets { 
 position:relative !important;
 left:auto !important; 
 margin:0 auto !important; 
  11 years ago


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