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AJAX not refreshing the tooltip content?


I was just trying the tooltip AJAX.  The line is:

<b onmouseover="tooltip.ajax(this,'test.txt')">Click Me</b>

"test.txt" has only one word "HELLO". 

When the mouse is moved over "Click Me", tooltip shows "HELLO", which is correct.

Then I change the "test.txt" content to "WORLD".

When the mouse is moved over "Click Me", tooltip still shows "HELLO".  Even the page is refreshed, tooltip still shows "HELLO".

When I reopen the browser, tooltip now shows "WORLD".

Did I miss anything in the code that cause tooltip fails to retrieve the content dynamically?

My browser is IE 10.


Wilson  11 years ago   viewed: 12845    

3 Answers

It is due to the browser's cache of your test.txt file.

If your content is really dynamic, you can add the below parameter to your ajax url: new Date().getMilliseconds()
For example:
<b onmouseover="var timer = new Date().getMilliseconds(); tooltip.ajax(this,'test.txt?'+timer)">Click Me</b>

Note: usually you don't need to bother with this. Just refresh your browser is OK if your content will not be manually updated or the content is not dynamic.
  11 years ago

Yes it works, thank you.

My application is about displaying the stock quote when users mouse over a stock name, so a dynamic update of content is a must.

Wilson   11 years ago
Some users ask for the opposite: How to always get the cached data instead of hitting the server or database again and again. 
Here is the post to answer that question: 
Milo   10 years ago


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