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i've purchased this great menu; now the client ask me to link the category menu item (the one which actually opens the ul with the links).

So, there's a way to link the _parent to a spacified page, and keep open the menu at the same clicked category/page once the new page is loaded?

thank you very much!
Diego  10 years ago   viewed: 6346    

4 Answers

Thank You milo, i'll try ASAP!
Diego   10 years ago
Under the HTML tag on page, you can find:

You can also set the heading text within a hyperlink(<a href="..."> ... </a>).
In that case, its submenu (if any) will not be collapsed at the page load so that the submenu items are visible and accessible without the need of clicking on the heading.
milo   10 years ago
Mhh, header with <a> before the ul are all expanded :(
DIego   10 years ago
I suggest making sure your HTML code does not contain syntax errors.

milo   10 years ago


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