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Nest another tooltip in a tooltip


I have a simple "test.html" that display a tooltip when mouse over an element.  It works fine when mouse over "Hover me"

<span onmouseover="tooltip.pop(this, 'HELLO')">Hover me</span>

I have another program that AJAX calls "test.html".  It works but when mouse over the "Hover me" in this AJAX-call "test.html", it doesn't show tooltip "HELLO"

<b onmouseover="tooltip.ajax(this,'test.html')">Click Me</b> 

Can tooltip supports such nested tooltip?  Or can it be implemented?

Wilson  11 years ago   viewed: 10664    

1 Answer


To make the nested tooltip widget working, you should either:

  • Set the nested tooltip to have a specific option to enable sticky or overlay;
  • or:
  • Set the nested tooltip to be triggered by an event other than the onmouseover event.

For example, instead of <b onmouseover="tooltip.ajax(this,'test.html')">Click Me</b>, you can write it as:

<b onclick="tooltip.ajax(this,'test.html', {sticky:true})">This is a nested tooltip</b>

milo   11 years ago


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