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Keep Fullscreen Icon inside of slider


Love the slider! 

My only issue is I can't seem to keep the fullscreen Icon inside the slider (when not in fullscreen mode), and align it to the right of the image.

Below is my CSS:

#ninja-slider div.fs-icon {
   position: relative;
   z-index: 2;
   width: 45px;
   height: 45px;
   background: url(/images/fullscreen.png) no-repeat;
   background-size: 35px;

When the postion is relative, The fullscreen icon will sit at the top and far left of the slider, inside the main slider image. If I change it to absolute, or use any kind of positioning, such as right: 10px; it will move it to the far left, or far right of my webpage, outside of the image slider.

Any thoughts on how I can fix this?

Jake  8 years ago   viewed: 5970    

1 Answer


Your approach will not work. You can try adding this style to keep the enlarge button stay inside the image slider:

#ninja-slider.fullscreen div.fs-icon { position: absolute!important; }
Milo   8 years ago


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