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Could this possible to dynamic?

I have the 2 slide set and changing when user click the button.
Is it possible to change the picture in the slide?
It seem preload img? Any helps?
yokosatan  11 years ago   viewed: 9821    

3 Answers

Please refer to the source code of demo 4 or demo 6 in the jquery slider download package. They are using the built-in function, init(), to start the slider dynamically. Note the slider option, initSliderByCallingInitFunc, should be set to true for using the init() function.
Milo   11 years ago
Thanks for reply, Milo
but user will click the link (outside the slide frame)
for example, if user click link 'type1', it will show the slides and thumbnails set for type1.
And the set of slides are not equal (type1 has 8 pics, type2 has 2 pics.
  11 years ago
From now on, I use the jquery to load the html (structure the same, but change the picture and number of picture)
It's work to change but the javascript or jquery not work with the new load html.

Any helps or other solution would be great
  11 years ago


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