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Full size images for the image slider

How can I make the images 100% width and height regardless of ratio when I use Ninja Slider?
Xriuk  10 years ago   viewed: 10725    

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Solved. Just edited the JavaScript. You replace every "contain" with "cover".

Xriuk   10 years ago

You don't need to touch the javascript. Just add inline style, style="background-size:cover;", to the markup as shown in my first post above.

Please also read How to customize a specific position and size for a responsive image in the slider?

Milo   10 years ago

I am trying to get my images to fill up the whole space with no black border around. Is that the same thing as the question above? I have tried adding background-size:cover; to the <li>. But that doesn't work.

How do I accomplish this?

Jon   6 years ago

You should add your background-size setting to the <a> instead of the <li>. For details please read the aspectRatio setting in the "2. Javascript" section in

  6 years ago


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