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How to make the tooltip not stays when the tooltip window is not hovered

I'm currently using the javascript tooltip that is working great.

But I need to make some changes to it. Right now the tooltip stays when hovered.

Is there a way hide the tooltip if the mouse is not hovering the element any more? even if it hovers the tooltip.
Because in some cases, the tooltip will go over a button or something and I cannot click the button until I do not hover the tooltip itself.
Roli  11 years ago   viewed: 12269    

4 Answers

If you are using the version 2013.3.18 of the tooltip, you can disable the hovering-and-stay by the following approach:
Open the tooltip.js with Notepad, search for c.onmouseover=D; and then delete it (c.onmouseover=D;).

[Update] In the new version v2013.7.7, the tooltip's staying delay after mouse left the target or the tooltip window is totally determined by the hideDelay option in the tooltip.js. You don't need to bother with the approaches mentioned above and below.
  11 years ago
Thanks for your answer.
 Mainly, this worked. There is a little lag between the mouseout and the actual disappearing of the tooltip even if I set  showDelay: 0, hideDelay: 0, duration: 0; but if its to hard to correct this, than it's ok
Thank you
  11 years ago

It is easy too. Open the tooltip.js again with Notepad, search for this.hideDelay+100, and update it with any number you want, such as 10, or even 0. The smaller, the less the lag.

After the update, it will look like g.h(10) if your version is v2013.3.18.

milo   11 years ago
working great. This is exactly what I need. Thank you
  11 years ago


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