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Cant use plain text in li wout anchor

Using tab menu #2
Trying to set up nicely formatted contact info box on the drop down with an image and contact info as well as the link.  However plain text does not render at all - only if it is wrapped in an anchor tag.

I tried an li id to control it - no dice.  I was able to change the bg color by adding a div id within the li, but still the plain text is non functional, ie <p> <b> <span class="x">

Any solutions?

Jennifer  11 years ago   viewed: 9763    

1 Answer

The menu has set font-size as:
ul#tabmenu { font-size:0;}

The CSS set it as 0 on purpose to avoid unexpected spaces or gaps.

Only links get their font size recovered:
ul#tabmenu li a
    font: 11px Arial;

So the solution will be recovering the font-size for your expected element, for example, you can make the DIVs to display plain text in your third level items(the drop downs) by the following CSS:
ul#tabmenu ul li li div { font: normal 0.9em Arial; }

  11 years ago


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