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Change the height of the tooltip by jquery

Thanks for this great tool.
I'm not able to change the height of id="mcTooltip", by this way : 

I have Ajax form, where user adds his favorite posts. Tooltip shows the posts, but unforunately if it isempty, it's height is 20px, after adding post it should become 84px. But $("#mcTooltip").css("height","84"); not effecting to height of a block.

Thanks in advance! :)

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4 Answers

I did in this way:  tooltip.ajax('#mcTooltip', { height:120});
But no effects. Coudn't find your online document.
Appriciate any help :)
  11 years ago
The online instruction is on page

You missed the url parameter in your tooltip.ajax call. Without the url, the tooltip has nowhere to retrieve the tooltip content.

If at the time you launch the tooltip the content has already been ready on your page, don't use the tooltip.ajax, use tooltip.pop method instead. tooltip.ajax is only used when the content is not ready on your page and you are going to fetch the content from an external resource.

milo   11 years ago
There is no need to use jQuery to change the height. Tooltip has its own mechanism to determine the height.
In your case, you need to pop up the tooltip in an Ajax way:

tooltip.ajax(targetElement, url[, ajaxSettings][, options])

Please refer to our online document for detailed instructions.
  11 years ago

To change the height of the tooltip using jQuery time calculator, you can use the following code:

$("#mcTooltip").css("height", "84px");

When you set a value for the "height" attribute, remember to include the unit of measurement (px in this case). This will ensure that the tooltip's height will be set properly.

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