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How Can I Let the Bullet align to the Right?

The demo sliders let the bullets center in the pictures, but does anyone know how can I let it float to the right?
I was trying to do that in CSS, the bullets did float to the right, but they can't work well when trying to change pictures.
Anyone got good ideas? will be really appreciate for it!!!!!
daz  11 years ago   viewed: 9816    

1 Answer

If you see the slider.css of the demo 3, you can see how the bullet wrapper is positioned:
#mcts1 .navBullets
/*Specify its position that is relative to the div#mcts1 */

So they are absolutely positioned, not floated to the right or left.

You can use the absolute positioning approach to position your bullets to wherever you want. The slider bullet wrapper is relative to the div#mcts1.
milo   11 years ago


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