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Multiple jQuery sliders on one page

The following is how the demo 4 of the jQuery slider did. For details please refer to the source code of demo 4 in the download package.

<div id="thumbnail-slider"> ...... </div> ... ... <div id="thumbs2"> ...... </div>
This is part of my thumbnail-slider.js code (NOTE: Although I add two sliders on the page, but I only need to link this script once. One copy is enough with the following modification):

var thumbnailSliderOptions = { sliderId: "thumbnail-slider", orientation: "horizontal", ...... }; var thumbs2Op = { sliderId: "thumbs2", orientation: "vertical", ...... }; var mcThumbnailSlider = new ThumbnailSlider(thumbnailSliderOptions); var mcThumbs2 = new ThumbnailSlider(thumbs2Op); ..... (other minified portion of the code remains untouched)....
And then I included two copies of stylesheets in the page: thumbnail-slider.css, and thumbs2.css:
Below is thumbnail-slider.js:
#thumbnail-slider { ... } ... ...

For thumbs2.js, I change all selectors to be #mcts2:
#thumbs2 { ...... } ... ...
It's all there is to it.
John  11 years ago   viewed: 25969    

4 Answers

Doesn't really work for me...
  11 years ago

Salut, après plusieurs recherches, j'ai fini par trouver la solution pour faire fonctionner plusieurs slides sur une page. 

1 - suivre les intructions de John

2- Copier / coller puis renommer la fonction principale (function ThumbnailSlider(f){...} [ function ThumbnailSlider2(f){...}....)

NB: les appels sont bien entendu liés aux fonction (var thumbnailSlider = new ThumbnailSlider(mct1_Options);  | var thumbnailSlider2 = new ThumbnailSlider2(mct2_Options);)

  9 years ago
Would you zip your testing page and send it to us (menucool) ?
milo   11 years ago
Works fine if the pure java-script slider version is used. Doesn't works on jquery version. Thanks for the helpful post..:)
Zeus   10 years ago


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