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Is tooltip menu Goggle friendly?

According to your instruction, DIV of sub menus in tooltip menu are set as displayed none. Does search engines scan those hidden DIVs?
Andras  11 years ago   viewed: 10996    

3 Answers

Well, it's not a definite answer, but let's hope the best :)  Thank you.
  11 years ago
The page contains a hidden DIV that is not visible unless a user mouse over an element on the page and it will show up in the tooltip popup. It contains the content below:
"div1 and its content will be used as the tooltip content"
I do the exact Google search of the above content(with the double quote marks), and can find is listed to be the first result.

That proves the hidden DIV is crawled and indexed by the Google.
milo   11 years ago
I personally don't see that is a problem as it is very common and natural in these DHTML days, and I believe Google is smart enough to know the menu links are valid links as long as they've been clicked on.

In these days of jQuery (and other JavaScript frameworks) heavy websites then I can't see how it can be a problem, since it's used extensively when you use things like jQuery sliders, transitions, galleries, tickers etc. These are now commonplace and search-engines are clever enough not to blindly penalise their use.

A user states this in the Google Webmaster Central forum:

"Merely using display:none will not automatically trigger a penalty. The key is whether or not there is a mechanism - either automatic or one that is invoked by the user - to make the content visible.Google is becoming very adept at processing JavaScript to find and interpret such mechanisms.If you use valid HTML, CSS, and JavaScript you have nothing to worry about. Good luck!"

milo   11 years ago


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