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Hello, just want to clarify, though I think I know the answer. So let's say I have 'my' and i host and create sites for other people's domains do I need to purchase licenses for each site, say i want to use the accordion menu on two different sites?

Also, are these guaranteed to work on Internet Explorer. If I purchase it and it doesn't can I get a refund or support to look into the matter? I'm currently using a free one posted by someone and it doesn't work on I.E. and i've no support. You pay for what you get right. 

Thanks in advance for the answers to your questions.


Adrian  11 years ago   viewed: 9720    

1 Answer

Regarding to your license questions, please go to our Accordion Menu page and read the last section under the Installation tab.

I cannot see any issues on the Internet Explorer for the latest version of the menu. Would you tell me on which version of the IE that you got the issue? Is the menu script the latest version? Let me know the URL of the page and I will debug.
milo   11 years ago


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