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How to show only the first level of the sub link

I just want to show only the 1st level of the sub link and collapse all the 2nd and 3rd levels of links. by showing all levels of links really look very messy.
JOJO  11 years ago   viewed: 6065    

3 Answers

The built-in open and close functions will override the default mechanism that the menu link that matches the current page URL pattern will be automatically selected and opened at page load.

Please refer to the "Using the open or close function" section under the JavaScript tab on page Accordion Menu.
milo   11 years ago
I had tried that option but they either close all or show all the levels. Which I don't want to show the 3rd, 4th levels all together. Thanks again
JOJO   11 years ago
Regretfully it seems the current version doesn't support your requirement. 
milo   11 years ago


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