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Why no sliding, no navigation buttons when jQuery slider goes live on web server

The jQuery Slider works well locally, but when I upload it to the web server, it does not slide and it does not show the navigation buttons. Where I am wrong? 
Chuck  11 years ago   viewed: 18028    

5 Answers

Checking list for the possible causes:
  1. The thumbnail-slider.js has not been set with a valid license. The slider without a valid license will only works locally but not on the web server;
  2. The location you uploaded your navbuttons.png is not correct (it should be relative to the CSS file);
  3. The jQuery slider has been set with enough width that can show all your thumbnail images in one frame. In this case it will neither slide nor show the nav buttons.
milo   11 years ago
Thanks milo. I didn't bother uploading the slider images. That makes the slider has enough room to accommodate all images in one frame. So I broke it by the #3 in the list. 
Chuck   11 years ago
Hello Milo, I think I might be breaking the code with #2. Can you (or anyone) give me an example of what this means, please? Thanks.
Meg Colby   10 years ago
I might add that when I display the slider, I'm receiving a message telling me that I need a valid license but I have purchased both of the necessary licenses.
Meg Colby
  10 years ago
Did you install the license following the instructions on the license email we sent you?
Milo   10 years ago


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