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Goog morning. I've tryed DEMO 1. I've got a strange behaviour when the slider goes on and leave the semi transparent image (I've made transparent one of the examples image). The image change its transparency just before and after being shown by the slider. Is anyone experiencing the same effect, any suggestion ?
Thank You.
Marco  11 years ago   viewed: 7392    

2 Answers

I think it's better not using the transparent gif image as the image will be used as the background of a DIV element of the slider, and beneath the DIV, there will be another DIV which has a background of the previous slide image.
John   11 years ago
Hey there, I've got a little workaround for this issue :)
I had the same problem but in my case not using transparent images was not an option, so here's what I did: 

I created a blank transparent GIF and placed it in the html between each photo, like this: 

<img src="Image1.gif" alt="" />
<img src="blankGIF.gif" alt="" />
<img src="Image2.gif" alt="" />
<img src="blankGIF.gif" alt="" />

...and so on. Then in the JavaScript I decreased the pauseTime var to 1 and increased transitionTime var to 1000. It's really hard to notice that there's a blank image between each photo and the transitions work just fine. 

I'm posting this here just in case my silly workaround results useful for anyone. :D

Anyway I'm thankful to MenuCool team for creating and sharing this wonderful script! 
DiDag   11 years ago


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