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Great script I really need to manually set the size and position -

Sorry but I can't seem to do this, but it must be possible, no? I would like to define the size of the box, and also need to know how to position it better. Thank you - if we can get this working we will definitely buy it!
Anthony  11 years ago   viewed: 4435    

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Also - is it possible to use more than one on a page, and can they have different positions of course?
  11 years ago
Please try the demos and read online instructions.

You can have as many tooltip targets as you like that can trigger the tooltips, but only one Tooltip instance at a time.
milo   11 years ago
Milo thanks but I would not have asked if I had not tried for hours first. I really am stuck - 

I can't seem to position the tool tip pop up other than absolute to the browser window. Using 2 on a page, I need them to pop up relative to the link/rollover or to the table they are in... and I just can't seem to do that. password blahgo

I really want to fit them in the space where the rollover image currently for LOOK1 is - 

Also, when I do move the pop up box using margins in the style, the arrow part doesn't move with it...

I will read everything again but as you can tell, I am not a programmer and  I just hit a wall sometimes with this stuff - 


Anthony   11 years ago
Milo sorry! I thought I had read/seen everything but you were right. I did find the info I needed to position the tips. What I can not find - is it possible to give the pop ups an absolute size? height and width? 
Anthony   11 years ago
Yes you can. 
Approach #1:
If all your tooltips have a similar size, you can define the tooltip size directly through the CSS:
... ...

Approach #2:
You can wrap your tooltip content with a DIV that has explicitly defined width and height:
<div id="tip1" style="width:200px;height:100px;">  ...(tooltip content)...</div>
milo   11 years ago


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