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Dropshadows for Thumbnails?

Like the slider.
Is it possible to have every single thumbnail have a dropshadow?
If so I will buy ..

Linus  11 years ago   viewed: 15265    

3 Answers

Thanks for the quick answer Milo!
I just bought the License.

Dropshadow shows up - Thank you, one last Question though - i`m sure you know what i do wrong:
Dropshadow only shows horizontally even though vertical values are also selected..
might it be cut off by some other div property somehow?

Linus   11 years ago
I just give you an example for the box-shadow.
To configure it correctly, you can easily know how if you ask Google.
Milo   11 years ago
Open the slider.css file, and add:

#mcts1 div.item 
    ... ...
    box-shadow: 1px 4px 11px #999999;

You can google box-shadow for more information
Milo   11 years ago


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