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Any browser compatibility issues?

Is this slider compatible with all major browsers? Any issues with older browsers?
Rocky  11 years ago   viewed: 20264    

9 Answers

Results of my testing of all the JavaScript Image Slider demos (demo0 - demo7):
IE 7-9: All demos work well without any problem.
IE 6: Works well for all demos except demo 4. (Another minor issue is that the play-video arrow image is in png format that has no transparent background in IE 6. But this should not be a problem as you can replace the png image with gif image to acquire the transparent background effect)

Chrome, Safari, Opera, FireFox: The slider demos are working fine under these bowsers.
Milo   11 years ago
Slider is working fine in chrome and all the link which have putted on image are working perfectly. but in firefox slider is working but links is not working and also caption button is not click by mouse. Internet Explorer does not run slider just showing loading image.
kindly advise what to do?
  11 years ago
The slider is working fine in those browsers as I mentioned. 
I think you have some improper configurations such as wrong path to the JavaScript file, incorrect HTML syntax, etc.
To avoid mistakes, I highly recommend that you use our demo as a quick start, make sure it is working, then customize it to your own gradually.
Milo   11 years ago

hi, the slide is not working on chrome v23. please help me to work this slider on this broweser

mehrdad   7 years ago

Now Chrome is v52. We can hardly see Chrome v23 is still in use. Usually Chrome will update it by itself automatically to the latest version.

Peter   7 years ago

Hi, first thanks for a great slider!

I am suing the demo1 code and slider version and Slider v2016.4.2

It is working great on most browsers except Safari.

I am getting an error on Safari 8 on iphones and on Mac's (works fine in a other browsers and platforms). The error is:

SyntaxError: DOM Exception 12: An invalid or illegal string was specified. - js-image-slider.js:20:1221

Of course with JS it is hard to tell but the  error seems to be caused by the the building of this string:

var c="#" i.sliderId " .bgLayer{position:absolute;width:100%;height:100%;}"

Any ideas? Have I configured something wrong?

Many thanks in advance!

  7 years ago

Actually went and loaded your page on a iPhone 6 and got the same error. :-(

Any ideas?

  7 years ago

Thanks for reporting this. I have just fixed the issue and submitted the update. Now it is v2016.9.27.

Please download and use the latest version.

Milo   7 years ago

Thanks Milo! I'll give it try.I appreacaite your time looking into this.

  7 years ago


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