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How to add tooltip to the web page content?

Where should I put this tooltip code in webpage. 
<span class="tooltip" onmouseover="tooltip.pop(this, 'Hi there')">hi</span>
Chitra  11 years ago   viewed: 5784    

1 Answer

Let's say you have the following words on your page, "what is Oracle", and you want it to pop tooltip when your audience is hovering on the words, then you can update the "what is Oracle" in your page as:
<span class="tooltip" onmouseover="tooltip.pop(this, 'Oracle is a database')">what is Oracle</span>

So my answer to your question is: 
Put the code to the content or the HTML element that has already been on your page from which you wish the tooltip to be triggered in respond to a client event such as onmouseover, onclick or onfocus, etc.

Is that clear?
Milo   11 years ago


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