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No Scroll Issue

Does anyone know why the noscroll URL parameter doesn't work?
Joe  11 years ago   viewed: 11238    

7 Answers

if it was supposed to be fixed Oct 2012 i can confrim its still not fixed to have ?noscroll=true#mark4 but it works fine whit just ?noscroll=true
  11 years ago
Thank you Joe for pointing out this defect. 
If your URL contains a hash sign(say "#mark1"),  the browser has a default behavior to scroll to the position of the element with id="mark1". Currently the Menucool script forgot to override the behavior. We will update it in our next release (around Oct 10).
Milo   11 years ago
Any updates on this issue?
Joe   10 years ago
Now this feature is only supported by jQuery Tabs
Milo   10 years ago
sorry for doubble post but forgot the pass the moment i pressed submit sorry...

would it be possible to maby put the atribute like persist="true" so its not visibly? would be awsome if its possible atleast :)
  11 years ago
Menucool is now rewriting the tab content and the new release will be out within next month. noscroll will not be used anymore. data-scroll will be in use instead. And the new release will come with many other changes.
milo   11 years ago
ah sounds nice then i wait untill that version is out ^_^
  11 years ago


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