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tooltip content from separate file

The instructions say: "Tooltip content can include images, any rich HTML, and even server
controls(such as ASP.NET TextBox)." 

I do not use (or ajax). Is there a way to include html (or text) content that comes from a separate html file as the content for a tooltip? If so, how?

Thank you.
hmc  10 years ago   viewed: 12439    

3 Answers

Yes the tooltip allows you to obtain tooltip content from external files or pages via the Tooltip's built-in Ajax function. For example:
<a onclick="tooltip.ajax(this, 'help/tip1.txt');">Hi</a>

Please read the section "3 Ways to Set Tooltip Content" on page for details.

Milo   10 years ago
Thanks, but I think what you are telling me is that I have to know a whole lot about Ajax before I can make this work.

Your example. a onclick="tooltip.ajax.... resulted for me in a "Failed ot get data." message. 

I presume that you were referring to the third way to set tooltip content in the link to which you referred me.
Those details appear to indicate that I need to set up some type of xml file or ashx something-or-other file.
The "Details about each Ajax setting" go way beyond my skillset. 
As I wrote in my original question, I do not use or ajax.
There are just not enough hours in the day for me to master another programming environment in order to make this work.
hmc   10 years ago
Download the tooltip Demos and check the demo2, and you will know everything. 
The tooltip.ajax is the tooltip's built-in function. The function can work in any language no matter it is plain HTML, or PHP, or ASP.NET.
Milo   10 years ago


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