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Great script! Thank you!! Small glitch with multiple tabcontents

If I have two sets of  tabcontents (lets say one with 3 tabs and another below it with 5) I find that when I refresh the page I get various results for the default / active tab. The top tabcontents always selects my first tab (awesome), the second tabcontents below that will select the second tab in. Can I have multiple tabcontents per page?
Ryan L  11 years ago   viewed: 9968    

5 Answers

Did you set the persist attribute properly?
If you don't like the last tab to be remembered, set its persist="false". Please read the instructions in page
Milo   11 years ago
Awesome! I did have persist="true", great feature but I'll turn it off for now. If you like I have created a WordPress short code that you can share. LMK if you are interested and I'll post it to github as my pay it forward. Cheers.
Ryan L   11 years ago
Yes I like to have your WordPress code, and you share it on github. If it has the detailed instructions it would be better as I am neither a WordPress nor a PHP programmer.
Milo   11 years ago
I'll create a github account on Friday and post it for you. Cheers!
Ryan L   11 years ago
I haven't forgotten I've just been busy trying to launch a new theme. I promise I"ll get it all up on github and then everyone will have a nice little tab content shortcode they can use. Should be in a few weeks. I didn't realize github was such a big setup.
Ryan L   11 years ago


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