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data-persist issue with Tab Content

thanks for superb tab control.

I am showing tabs after user login. I have 5 tabs. if user clicks the 5th tab and logout but doesnt close the browser and when he login back he will see the 5th browser again because of data-persist='true'. I cannot reduce the use of data-persist='true'.
I need to show the first tab on every login, which I have done though PHP

But when user refreshes the page he gets the tab which was opened before logout because of data-persist='true'

is data-persist='true' writing something into the cookies. if yes how to clear them on logout

any help will be highly appreciated.
Jack  10 years ago   viewed: 8461    

11 Answers

Then why not setting data-persist="false"?
Yes setting it true will write the cookies.
Milo   10 years ago
I already said I cannot reduce the use of data-persist="true" because I am using form inside tabs which when get submitted I need to show same tabs
jack   10 years ago
how to clear the cookies on logout?
jack   10 years ago
Please try running the following javascript to change the cookie value of current index to 0:

    function generateCookieKeyName () {
        var paths = window.location.pathname;
        if (paths.indexOf('/') != -1) paths = paths.split('/');
        var name = paths[paths.length - 1] || 'root';
        if (name.indexOf(".") != -1) name = name.substring(0, name.indexOf("."));
        if (name > 20) name = name.substring(name.length - 19);
        return name;

document.cookie = "mi"+generateCookieKeyName() + "0=0; path=/";
  10 years ago

I placed your code in logout file but still no success... or I have to change something in your code?
Jack   10 years ago
You need to run the script after you logout action.
Milo   10 years ago
No Dear its not working. Still on refresh after login I get the same tab which I left open before logout

kindly look into this matter. I hope to get a help from your side
Jack   10 years ago
Then please try Menucool McTabs as it has a built-in select function, e.g.
 tabbers[0].select(0, false);
Milo   10 years ago

I had the same problem but it's easy to fix.

Just remove "data-persist=true"

The tabs still work fine but it doesn't create a persistent cookie, so on refresh it goes back to first tab.

  8 years ago
Thanks a lot Steve!
I had to know what is the purpose of using "data-persist=true".
After spending some important time I found this.
Muhammad SH
  5 years ago

Please read the Set Persistence section under the "How to Use" tab in

  5 years ago


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