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change position of popup menu

Is there a way to change the horizontal position of the popup menu for the second level of the menu?
The problem I am trying to solve is the following: has the main menu on the left side and it's a fluid design, meaning that when I narrow the window the menu itself also gets narrower. The width gets so small that when I hover over one of the buttons that has a sub menu, this sub menu pops up with a gap between it and the main menu. When I move the cursor over to the right to reach the sub menu, that menu pops down as soon as the cursor hits the gap.
Looking at the situation with Firebug I see that the css value for left for the second level <ul> is set to a fixed pixel value. If I change this to 100% then everything works perfectly. But this is apparently something that is done in the script. Is there a way for me to get a different version with that pixel value changed to a relative % value?


Merlin Silk  10 years ago   viewed: 10940    

3 Answers

I think the current version of the vertical menu does not support that feature.
Milo   10 years ago
After finding the uncompressed version of the js file I was able to accomplish the above by changing the line
        b[a].style.left = c.offsetWidth+"px";
        b[a].style.left = "80%";
I chose 80% over 99 or 100 so that the popup menu overlaps the parent menu by 20%, which - I think - looks pretty cool  :-)

Merlin Silk   10 years ago

I think you can try updating the CSS file. For example, adding {margin-top: 40px!important;} or {margin-top:-40px!important;} to the element that you want re-position.

Magesh   9 years ago


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