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How to disable the tab transition in a page with nested tabs

Hi, I have a page in which i have installed McTabs-jQuery version. Now the upper tabs works fine and it changes only when its clicked, but the nested tabs automatically changes from one to another. How can i disable the transition of the tabs in the nested ones.
Maxx  10 years ago   viewed: 15970    

1 Answer

You might have used the demo 2 in the download package. In demo2.html, you will find:
<ul id="tabs2" class="mctabs" data-options="{autoAdvance:3.5}"> ...

You just need to remove the data-options="{autoAdvance:3.5}" option. It will be:
<ul id="tabs2" class="mctabs">

Then the nested tabs will not automatically advance. 

Milo   10 years ago


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